We have Aura Court, Dim Sum, Corner Bar, etc. We also have well-known themed restaurants and featured food court. Everyone can enjoy different great foods here.

Aura Court


Aura Court is on the first floor of Grand Royal Hotel. With the open kitchen and modern chic atmosphere, our chefs do their best by showing their creativity in cooking cuisines with multi-national flavors. The carefully selected ingredients change by different seasons. We provide fresh and seasonal foods. We have sumptuous buffets for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. We provide food diversity that brings to customers culinary delights and new feelings.

Dim Sum


Dim Sum is on the second floor of Grand Royal Hotel. The elegant design style, the celebrity chefs from Hong Kong, the special Yangcheng delicacies and wonderful HK-style roasted meat, and the HK-style dim sum with affordable prices. A great place with great tea and authentic wonderful taste of Xiangjiang food.

Corner Bar


A space with logs and low-key atmosphere. Great view to the outdoor greenery scenery. Different wines, special drinks, and delicious light meals. All these make people feel comfortable.